Anas Imtiaz

I am a researcher in wearable medical devices working on creating new technologies for the monitoring and diagnosis if neurological, neurodevelopmental and sleep disorders. My research focuses on developing new biomedical signal processing methods, algorithms and mixed-signal circuit design for wearable systems, low power digital circuits for medical applications and embedded systems design. I am a Research Fellow at Imperial College London where I am developing new technologies for long-term monitoring, management and diagnosis of COPD, sleep disorders, epilepsy, and autism. I am also the Head of Engineering at Acurable leading development and at-scale manufacturing of a wearable medical device and its accompanying smartphone applications for the diagnosis of respiratory disorders.

What I Do

Medical Device Development

Development of regulatory-compliant electronic systems and software. Expertise in MDD/MDR, QMS and other technical standards.

iOS App Development

Development of Swift-based iOS applications with focus on usability. Expertise with Core Bluetooth, Core Animation, UIKit, Swift UI.

Embedded Systems and Firmware

Low-power circuits and systems, firmware for safety-critical applications. Nordic/TI/Atmel/NXP microcontrollers.

Biomedical Signal Processing

Development of algorithms for identification of unique features for monitoring and diagnosis of disorders.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Development of end-to-end customised BLE solutions including hardware and smartphone applications.

Wearable Devices

Wearable Devices

Development of connected wearable sensors and systems for medical and consumer applications.