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Adding Figures to LaTeX Manuscripts

One common complaint is that LaTeX is not image-friendly and is somewhat true. Depending on the workflow being used the format of the image is quite important. I am by no means an expert in TeX and have only compiled this information searching through forums whenever stuck on a certain problem. I must confess that despite […]

How to tackle a major revision

Now that you’re finally over the disappointment of receiving a major revision (and not a rejection!) on your cherished paper, it’s time to start working. My strategy is based on Tanya Golash-Boza’s post and is modified slightly to suit my workflow. The use of a spreadsheet may sound crazy to some (it did to me!) but […]

The First Academic Paper Experience

The anxiety of waiting for a decision on your first ever academic paper is unbearable. It starts immediately after you hit that submit button and ends up when you receive THAT email. While writing that first paper you’ve most likely ensured that everything is clearly explained and justified. And your supervisor, who is a big […]